studio monzini & raboni

Born in 1984 with Rosanna Monzini who, after a long and fruitful experience as a consultant for La Rinascente, she decided to devote herself exclusively to her design activity. She specialized in the restructuring of custom-made private homes. In 1994 Giuseppe Raboni joined the team, just after an intense and long period alongside Gae Aulenti, with whom he worked in the museum projects of Paris and Barcelona.

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work in progress

  • roma piazza di spagna
    roma piazza di spagna
  • argentario

giuseppe raboni

Giuseppe Raboni is an Architect and Designer from Milan, Italy. His innate curiosity and broad mind allowed him since the beginning of his career to study and work outside of his native Italy.

He was born in Milan, where he grew up surrounded by Architecture and breathing the profession from both of his parents, while his father, Fulvio, was teaching furniture design at the Politecnico di Milano and his mother, Rosanna Monzini, realizing projects of interior design and restructuring.

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